Some thoughts on the Front Line

  • Front liners are capable of taking on far more responsibility than the boxes the system puts them in.
  • Front liners are very modest about their own abilities and skills.
  • Front liners want to do a great job for patients.
  • Managers must learn to let go of more of the power they have thus allowing front liners to get on with the job.
  • Managers must be there for support when front liners need it – they are well capable of judging when they need help.

Sensible reflections from Trevor Gay’s Simplicity blog

I am sure that you will agree with much of it.
But do you ACT on it?
Or do you let ‘the system’ get in the way?

Managing for Autonomy

If we want engagement, and the mediocrity busting results it produces, we have to make sure people have autonomy over the four most important aspects of their work:
  1. Task – What they do
  2. Time – When they do it
  3. Technique – How they do it
  4. Team – Whom they do it with.
After a decade of truly spectacular underachievement, what we need now is less management and more freedom – fewer individual automatons and more autonomous individuals.
Daniel H. Pink
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Bradford PMN Programme for 2010

I am pleased to say that PMN and Gumption Centres in Bradford are partnering together to give you the opportunity to become an outstanding manager in 2010.  If you want to get better at managing people to improved performance then this is the programme for you:

February 3rd – How to Be an Outstanding Manager – Free Introductory Event

March 24th – Brilliant 121s

April 14th – Giving and Getting Great Feedback

May 12th – Practical Coaching for Progressive Managers

June 9th – Effective Delegation

July 7th – Effective Time Management

Each session will run from 10am till 12 noon at the lovely Gumption Centre in Bradford.

Places will be limited so register your interest now.

Prices (subject to confirmation) will be £120 plus VAT per workshop.  We will be offering discounts for booking early – £99 plus VAT for bookings received 4 weeks before the event.

Or you can book on all 6 events for £475 plus VAT.

You can book your place online here or contact me through this page for further information.