About Us

The Progressive Managers Network is for managers who are looking to develop their own management practice and make themselves and their organisations more effective. The Network blends training, on-line forums and informal discussion groups to help managers to learn, experiment and improve their performance as a manager.

The network is led by Mike Chitty – an experienced trainer, coach and consultant. Mike is a Graduate of Common Purpose Leeds matrix programme, 2006 – a leadership programme designed to give participants the skills, connections and vision they need to lead most effectively, both at work and in the wider world.

Why a Progressive Managers’ Network?

Progressive (n) – A person who actively favours or strives for progress toward better conditions, as in society, organisation or government.

  • Progressive managers are committed to finding ways to improve what they do – they have a learning orientation and are willing to take risks and experiment in pursuit of personal and professional improvement.
  • Progressive managers recognise that their most important role is to help others in the organisation to do their very best work.
  • Progressive Managers are committed to making a positive difference in their work and community.

By forming a network of managers who share these values, fuelling them with excellent development and learning, and connecting them to like minded local managers, we will develop a powerful ‘engine for change’ in the community.

“PMN is a modern, intelligent and very simple way of improving management technique. We snapped up the opportunity to host PMN and have already identified a number of our Managers who will become active members.”

David J Israel – Commercial Director, LJWB

What Makes it Different?


The Progressive Managers Network has a local focus. This means that network members can meet up and learn from each other. It also means that members will be able to co-ordinate their work and co-operate wherever possible. Learning from each other is an important element of the network. By keeping travel times down, and workshops to 3 hours or less you are also able to keep things moving at work.

“Thanks for a great day yesterday. I found it very practical and useful, which was extremely refreshing! I intend to start using 121s with my staff, so thank you!”

Anne Dannerolle – Hull Community Churches

Fiercely Practical

The network helps members to learn what excellent managers do to improve performance. The emphasis is on helping managers to act. We don’t teach management theories and models – unless they are essential to underpinning effective practice. If you are tired of management theory and want to learn how to achieve your personal and organisational goals then the network is for you.

Comprehensive Support

Managers are given tools, templates and aide memoirs to make changes in the way they work. They are also supported using an on-line forum and real, face to face discussion groups to overcome problems in putting what they have learned into practice.

“I thought your presentation was excellent – and inspirational. You have a great delivery style. Was a real treat in the middle of my day – so thanks”

Jane W, Leeds

Focussed on ‘What Works’

The network does not provide assessment or management qualifications. The process of assessment often gets in the way of learning – and forces you to learn stuff that you will never use. If you are looking for a paper qualification – then the network is not for you. If you are looking for a reputation as an outstanding manager then it is!


To begin with, the network covered ‘Brilliant One-to-Ones’, ‘Giving and Getting Great Feedback’, ‘Practical Coaching for Managers’ and ‘Effective Delegation’. These provide a firm foundation to underpin the relationship building and communication processes that excellent management requires. By listening to managers talk about their challenges at work we have now developed the programme to more than a dozen events.

The plan is to keep listening and respond to what members of the network want to learn about. To get an up to date list of workshops click here.

Future Focused

This is not a ‘techy’ network. However the world of management has been transformed by the arrival of the internet and powerful tools like e-mail, web searches, blogs, web forums, RSS readers, on-line polls and instant messaging. Increasingly we have to manage teams that are geographically dispersed or work together on a short term basis for a particular project. The network helps progressive managers to see how they can use these tools in developing their management practice.

Pay as You Go – the ‘F Word’ Guarantee

Gordon Ramsay’s ‘F Word’ features a restaurant, staffed by amateurs, serving paying guests. However guests only pay for what they like: excellent food that arrives on time. This puts everyone on their toes and inspires them to provide their very best service. The network runs on the same basis. If you are not happy with what you receive you will get a full refund. All we ask is for a reason – so that we can put things right.

A Better Management Development Service – For Less

Our aim is to provide you with a better management development service than you can get elsewhere – at lower cost. The workshops will cost £120 plus VAT. Although early bird discounts are available.

If you would like to know more please use the contact form to let us have your name, phone number and e-mail address.

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