In a Nutshell!

MIke Chitty

MIke Chitty

I help managers and entrepreneurs to get better results by teaching them to learn and apply clear and tested methods for communicating, coaching, prioritising and delegating. I help people to accelerate the pace of change and to create high performing teams. I have developed approaches that are guaranteed to produce results. To see how you can improve your management – contact me now!

2 Responses

  1. The company is growing fast and our needs are changing rapidly – Mike helped me to clearly see the wood for the trees. He’s enabled me to approach my current workload far more effectively. I’ve recognised the specific areas we need to train our current managers and those we need to buy in interim expertise. Mike is specific, empathetic, focused and very easy to talk to. Denise

  2. Loved the site,in tune with my approach to management development.
    Will pass on details to those who might be interested from the population I work with.
    Regards John

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