Making Strategy Work For You

‘Strategy’ and strategic planning has a very mixed press in the business world – and an even patchier record in the third sector.

Strategic managers are able to engage their team members in a process that helps to:

  • make important decisions facing the organisation in the medium and long term
  • recognise strengths to be exploited and weaknesses that have to be managed
  • identify opportunities that have to taken and threats that have to be avoided
  • encourage behaviours that look after “tomorrow’s success” as well as “today’s”
  • ensure that everyone is clear on their role in making the strategy happen
  • monitor progress against the strategy and make adjustments as required

In this workshop you will learn how to use a simple tool for strategic planning to engage employees, customers, service users and other key groups in a process resulting in a continually updated, flexible and effective strategy.

Engaging people in the process is key to succeeding with strategy. However it must also be followed up with effective communication. Most strategic plans appear like rabbits from white hats at a grand launch and them are quietly forgotten about as noses are quickly pushed back to the grindstone. You will learn how to develop a communication plan that will ensure that strategy continually influences decisions and behaviours at work.

Whether you are responsible for developing strategy across the whole organisation – or just for your team or department this workshop will provide you with a helpful framework.

Key Benefits

  • Know that you have a simple repeatable process for strategic planning that will work year after year
  • Build the capacity of your team to think and act ‘strategically’
  • Know that strategy is being ‘done’ and not just developed
  • Be recognised as a ‘strategically’ effective manager

Remember this workshop comes with a full money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by booking now!

You will get FREE membership of the Progressive Managers’ Network and Online Forum.

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