Some Feedback

Hi Mike, thanks for this….you have managed to capture exactly what, my vision, and my apprehensions, are in regards to the the service and expressed it in a way that is so much more professional than I could ever do myself.

I feel confident that I could use the skills I got from this course to coach other staff on their time management skills, which makes it really good value for money.

‘It was one of the best courses i’ve been on for a long time (engaging and useful)’

“The company is growing fast and our needs are changing rapidly – Mike helped me to clearly see the wood for the trees. He’s enabled me to approach my current workload far more effectively. I’ve recognised the specific areas we need to train our current managers and those we need to buy in interim expertise. Mike is specific, empathetic, focused and very easy to talk to.”

‘It was all extremely relevant – loved the fact it was snappy, focussed, practical and applicable in a very direct way ‘back home’ without too much extra work’

Can I just say though that I thought yesterday went really well. I learnt a lot that was new, and was reminded of how I should be doing 1-1’s so need perhaps to get back on track in some ways. I could tell that others were ready to take a lot of this stuff on board. I appreciate you were cramming a lot into the time, and you did say at the very outset that it would be ambitious. However I think the pace was about right even so, and now it is over to us to put it into practice.

What I like about PMN, and which came across really strongly yesterday, is the emphasis on practical application. It is all backed up by research for those who need that, but if (like me most of the time) you just want management by numbers it works on that level.

Just wanted to say how helpful (apart from easel erection!!) and stimulating I found yesterday’s session. I think there was a lot in what you guided us through that will be very useful within our organisation.

Many thanks and I look forward to part 2.

Next time you see Mike can you please pass on my thanks – I enjoyed his session! I found it a useful mix of new material and refresher and look forward to the next ‘Chitty day’

“All of our managers have done NVQs in operational management – but still shied away from managing poor performers. Now they have the tools they need to manage this group effectively”

“That was an inspiring session”

“I would have liked longer”

Thanks very much for the session on Giving and Getting Great Feedback. As always I find your sessions clear and straight-forward, giving me instant tools that I can take back and start using to improve the confidence and performance of my staff. I have always believed in the importance of encouragement, but this gave me some firm foundations and guidance about how to use feedback properly so that it encourages improvements as well as gives general praise.

I’ve already started using this method!!

…I just wanted to give you a little feedback about the longer lasting impact of your work with us.

The sessions we had are still talked of fondly… and whilst describing exactly what it is we learnt is tricky, in a nutshell, we (at least I) learnt to be better. My colleagues and I expect more, seem more efficient and know that sometimes difficult situations need to be embraced.

What prompted this emotional outburst from me? Well I’m just about to go into a radio interview, and I’m actually looking forward to it because I know its the right thing to do.

I ask myself ‘what would Mike have said’. And I’m a better manager for it.

A very interesting and informative session, conducted in an informal and friendly way. Mike has given us many practical ideas to help with our business.

Good teacher and I learned a lot more today!

It was very interesting – and Mike delivered it very well. Thanks you for your help!

Mike is a very high quality speaker with real business and management experience. Some very realistic and practical advice that I can apply in my day to day business management.

Today was a very enjoyable, relaxed learning process. I would like to spend more time talking about the more advanced aspects of business with Mike. Excellent trainer!

The class has made me look at management differently and more realistically. It was not boring – as I had thought it would be!

The 121s are great! Well worth doing…the staff have responded really well, and I’m finding that I get a lot more done during the week, with less disturbances.

Also, I’ve discovered that staff are telling me things that I generally wouldn’t find out, which is helpful, and it’s leading into some helpful coaching sessions.

The key concept for me about PMN is that progressive means wanting things to be better. What things? People, systems, organisations, the planet, the community – whatever turns the individual on. For me it’s about making [my organisation] a better and better, more effective and sustainable organisation… and doing that by being better myself at bringing out the talents and qualities in those who I directly manage. PMN is about practical skills, not the psychology of motivation but the nuts and bolts – which buttons to press, in what order, knowing how but not necessarily why (yet).

I do think that as managers we concentrate on resources and systems and not enough on people and relationships. People are difficult, sensitive, defensive, try to blame us as managers if things are going wrong (and for the most part we believe a bit of that so blame ourselves too). It is squirmy and uncomfortable and we get stuck, so it’s easier to scuttle back into worrying about next year’s budget or governance or evaluation – these are nice and impersonal and won’t talk back. PMN provides tools for dealing with people, based around practice and real life not theory. So that’s why I like it.

Not long enough – bring Mike back for more

The use of the English Language in an understandable manner. The lack of buzzwords and jargon.

I got more knowledge, new ideas, plenty of inspiration and new contacts.

Management made simple! Wonderful!

Mike has a great presentational style. I love his use of the word ‘Passion’.

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