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If you want to get in touch then please do so from here.

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  1. Hi Mike

    Thanks for that – here is the text I would send to people:

    A download link to demo copy of ‘SimVenture’ is at the foot of this email.

    It’s a large file (120mb) – it’s recommended that you forward the link to a personal computer since organisational networks & firewalls often prevent access. If you experience any difficulties, you can visit the Support area of the website for Help:

    The demo lasts for 30 days after installation. You can run up to 6 simulated months on ‘Easy’ Level. Apart from that the demo is much like the full license. You can also visit the ‘Learning Zone’ and access the ‘First Steps’ manual which is a short guide to using SimVenture.

    If you have any difficulties accessing or evaluating the software, contact Peter Harrington –

    Peter Harrington

    Download Link

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