Performance Improvement through Effective Recruitment

The opportunity to recruit a new employee offers a great opportunity to demonstrate the importance of high standards in the workplace. It also lets you show just how much you value your team – as not just anyone can join!

I often see managers rush the recruitment process to get a body at a desk because they believe that it is better to have (almost) anybody than nobody.

Usually rushed recruitments have the opposite effect. They end up damaging team morale and can disrupt team effectiveness – sometimes permanently.

In this workshop you will learn practical methods to:

  • involve your team fully in the process of recruitment – from reviewing the job description to checking out the candidates
  • Google candidates to find out more about them
  • use behavioural interviewing to check on what the candidates have really done
  • know when not to hire – and how to handle the situation
  • complement the existing team rather than duplicate it – the importance of diversity and making it work
  • make an employment offer

Key Benefits

  1. Improved recruitment and retention
  2. Improved morale and engagement
  3. Improved performance in the team
  4. More effective employee induction and quicker on the job effectiveness

Remember this workshop comes with a full money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by booking now!

You will get FREE membership of the Progressive Managers’ Network and Online Forum.

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2 Responses

  1. George

    Thanks for your interest in this. The programme looks at a number of practical actions that managers (who are not HR specialists) can take to radically improve their effectiveness in recruiting and ensure that the recruitment process is used as an opportunity to improve the performance eof the team.

    The 3 hour workshop covers:

    • Do I really need to hire? Are there viable alternatives?
    • Setting the bar high. Designing a process to keep the wrong people out.
    • The danger of the False Positive
    • Engaging stakeholders in the recruitment process
    • Using past behaviour as a guide to future performance – designing behavioural event interviews
    • Engaging HR – getting the best service from them
    • Reviewing CVs to improve recruitment

    I tend to work a lot from the types of cases and issues that the group brings up though – so the programme does vary from time to time!

    I hope that helps.

    Mike Chitty
    Progressive Managers’ Network
    Managing People With Passion!
    T: 0113 2167782
    M: 07788 747954

  2. Please email me the detailed information about this programme and the workshop period for my review

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