“Twas Ever Thus”


First organise the near at hand, then organise the far removed.
First organise the inner, then organise the outer.
First organise the basic, then organise the derivative
First organise the strong, then organise the weak.
First organise the great, then organise the small.
First organise yourself, then organise others”.

General Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang (181 – 234) was one of the greatest Chinese strategists, as well as a statesman, engineer, scholar, and inventor. His name has become synonymous with intelligence and tactics in Chinese culture.

Key Issues for Progressive Managers

In a great post Jonathon Farrington reminds us that management:

Takes time – you cannot get so bound up in your own workload that you skimp on time you should spend with others – are you spending enough time on helping others to do great work?

Takes effort – it is challenge, there are no magic formulae or quick fixes that will do the job for you – you need to influence frequently, consistently and with a strong working relationship with your team members of you are to manage a team to high performance.

Needs thought – the obvious or immediate answer may not be best, things may well need research, analysis and thinking through – the short term answer dealing with the immediate presenting problem is rarely enough.

Is not a solo effort – seek and take advice from where you can, including your own staff

Is a process of helping others to be self-sufficient – this implies trust and that management works best when you take a positive view of what people can do

Is based on good, regular and open communication

Becomes self-sustaining when it works –  if people find your management helpful (to the job, the organisation and to them) then they will support it and support you

At its best management is not what you do to people but the process of how you influence them to improve their performance.

Management success comes down to a considered approach. It is about routine, consistency and patience.

So What Do You Want to Learn to Do?

Progressive Manager Network Workshops are focussed on helping you to learn and put into practice management tools and processes that will make you a more effective manager. Each workshop will run typically for 2-3 hours.

Workshops currently available include:

  1. Using 121s Effectively
  2. Giving and Getting Great Feedback
  3. Practical Coaching for Progressive Managers
  4. Hold More Effective Meetings
  5. Effective Delegation – helping your team to grow and get more done
  6. Performance Improvement through Effective Recruitment and Retention
  7. Managing Virtual Teams
  8. Your Role in Effective Employee Development
  9. Putting Strategic Thinking to Work
  10. Making Performance Reviews Work
  11. Managing Your Boss – building a relationship that works – for both of you
  12. Effective Communication – Listening and Responding – especially when you have to say NO!
  13. How to work with Alpha Males, Alpha Females and Other Dominant Types
  14. How to work with Influencers, Persuaders and Sales types
  15. How to work with Steady Eddys’ and Edwinas
  16. How to work with the Rule Followers
  17. Coaching Under-performing Employees
  18. Using ‘Skip Level’ Meetings
  19. Receiving Feedback on Your Direct Reports
  20. How to Build a Network
  21. The Fallacy of Time Management – getting more done in a regular working week
  22. Using a Mentor to Develop Your Managerial Career
  23. Make Brainstorming Work!
  24. Preparing for Your Review
  25. Resolving Conflict Between Members of Your Team
  26. Managing During Mergers and Acquisitions
  27. When YOU have to train – how to do it well
  28. The Art of the Apology
  29. Accelerating Effective Internal Customer Relationships
  30. Developing Urgency in Your Team
  31. How to Make an Open Door Policy work
  32. Handling Peer Conflict
  33. Strategy and SWOT
  34. Clarifying Roles
  35. Using Goals and Objectives to Improve Performance
  36. Just What Meetings Do You Need? – Make Your Meetings Work for You
  37. Effective Influencing
  38. Using Emotional Intelligence as a Practical Management Tool

See something that you want to learn how to do?

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