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Some gentle jolts around diversity, stereotypes, celebrity, Kanye West and social marketing/Web 2.0.

And a lot of laughs!

Another video – and you will need sound for this one.

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Management Lessons from Frazer Irving

Had the privilege of attending my first Creative Networks event at Leeds College of Art.  Frazer Irving – a wonderful illustrator talked about his career – from which I took the following:

  1. the seeds of your future are often sown early
  2. just because it sells does not mean it is good – heroin is not better than tofu – even if it does shift more units
  3. provoke, invoke, evoke
  4. 5 years of crappy jobs and being on the dole – being on the dole were the ‘happy days’
  5. ideas burning on the inside
  6. managers/editors can leave you with tears streaming down your face and your soul ripped out and thrown on the floor
  7. the bad times provide the fuel and drive to allow the good
  8. an incessant streak of optimism helps – on being rejected by judges in a portrait competition Frazer chose to believe it was because he wasn’t important – although it might have been because I wasn’t very good
  9. it takes a lot of time, training, passion and life experience to really master your subject
  10. great technology combined with great passion and skills produce remarkable, beautiful and important results
  11. sometimes you need someone to say ‘chin up – you will be alright’
  12. sometimes when your art is ripped off it gets you great new gigs – life-changing breaks…
  13. be a slave to the muse – let the story dictate the style
  14. it is really about finding out who you are and what you can become
  15. treat me as a ‘pencil monkey’ and you will get mediocrity
  16. in the comic world a lot of bad product is there because of poor management – comics and every other industry on the planet – management is perfectly evolved to get the results it gets
  17. if it is bad it is (nearly always) because the managers/editors have put the wrong people on the job
  18. if you have recruited the wrong people then forcing them to compromise WILL lead to mediocrity
  19. recruit great talent carefully and then trust it do deliver on its own terms – not yours
  20. when your hobby becomes your job – you get another hobby
  21. musicians jam and sometimes the results are great – what is the jamming equivalent for you?
  22. be careful about your reputation – one person saying you migh tnot hit a deadline in a public forum can be a killer
  23. sometimes it is best not to claim the credit for all your ideas
  24. it really is full of ups and downs – but you come out of the downs with even more resources – psychological and technical if not financial

This was a great networking event – convival atmosphere – great facilities – good food – great speakers and good managment.

If only all networking opportunities were this good!

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all you need to know about PMN in 2 minutes flat from David our host here in Leeds 🙂

PMN Podcast 1 Now Available

Our first podcast explaining what we are trying to achieve with the Progressive Managers Network is now available at:

In our first podcast Lee asks Mike the story and ethos behind PMN and how Common Purpose and Gordon Ramsey has influenced its development! Why is it so different? A general FAQ type podcast for everyone who is a member of, or interested in PMN.

Hope you enjoy the show! We would love your feedback so that we can make it better.

Hello world!

Welcome to the first post of the Progressive Managers’ Network weblog. The PMN provides a ‘better management development for less’ aimed at managers who

  1. are committed to finding ways to improve what they do – they have a learning orientation and are willing to take risks and experiment in pursuit of personal and professional improvement.
  2. recognise that their most important role is to help others in the organisation to do their very best work.
  3. are committed to making a positive difference in their work and community.

This blog will provide useful and practical information that you can use to improve your performance as a manager and the performance of your organisation.

You can also find information on training programmes, clients, and testimonials at