Marketing Wisdom from David Mitchell

25 Years of Management Wisdom

Jim Sinegal founded Costco 25 years ago.  This is a great post capturing some of what Jim learned about management along the way.  Full of wisdom!

Show show if you set up a small business in the right way – it can become massive.

Web 2.0 – What’s the Fuss About?

Great piece by McKinsey that does a top job of explaining why Web 2.0 is getting so much attention.

In essence – its quick, cheap, extends your reach and provides you with insight and feedback.  It can definitely give you an edge.

It is not all up-side – there are issues of time management and the digital divide – but that’s life!  Nothing’s perfect.

I have been blogging for a couple of years now as well as twittering (a lot) Facebooking (a little), using wikis for collaborative writing and product development and forums for community building.  My interest started a bout 10 years ago when we took on a post grad student studying knowledge management for a year.  That got me into the theory of and practice of knowledge management – especially communities of interest and practice and the facilitation of large groups – both online and face to face.

Read the McKinsey piece here.

Also happy to share what I know.

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Sue Wiley on Why and How PMN Works for Her

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Sue Wylie is the office manager at re’new in Leeds.

She has attended four PMN workshops and has used much of what we have covered in her work.  In this podcast she talks about PMN and how it works for her.

Sue explains why;

  • she thought she would never have enough time for 121s – but now would not be without them, and
  • how 121s actually save her time and avoid interruptions in her working day
  • how the principles and practices have driven progress in her team
  • the impact that 121s with her manager have had in her

You can listen to the podcast here.


Many thanks Sue!

If you have attended PMN training and benefitted from it, and would like to make a podcast with me – just let me know!  You could become an iTunes star!

Experiential Marketing


I heard on the radio yesterday that a bake bean manufacturer are ‘lending’ students in the UK a case of beans for each term. Loan value = £100 plus.

The marketing whizz who was commentating on the initiative said this was an example of ‘experiential marketing’ – where customers get to ‘participate in the brand directly’.  Lovely examples of marketing ‘gobbledy gook’.  Rather than try to convince customers that these are great beans, they will instead encourage people to try them and make up their own mind.

They don’t anticipate the loans being re-paid – but they do anticipate generations of bean lovers being loyal to the brand. Importantly their taste testing suggests that 75% of students prefer the taste of their beans – so once they have tried it they are likely to keep buying. Sounds like a LOT of hot air to me.

We use a similar approach here at PMN. We regularly run free events and find that a high percentage of those who come later turn up at a paid event.