The Knowing Doing Gap

Mind The Gap

The single biggest challenge in my work with managers is to help them cross the gaping chasm between knowing and doing.

The open sores of apathy and fear that stand between understanding and acting.

What I teach:

  • communication,
  • building relationships,
  • feedback,
  • coaching,
  • delegation,
  • performance management and so on,

is all pretty easy to understand.

Knowing this stuff is not the problem.

The problem is taking what is known and understood and acting on it consistently and skillfully.  This takes both courage and skill – but mainly courage.

  • Courage to say things that we wouldn’t normally say
  • Courage to step outside of habits and comfort zones
  • Courage to live in the face of tension
  • Courage to open and honest

So what is stopping you from acting on what you know and understand?

Courage or skill?

I am working on a number of new approaches to provide a series of nudges to bolster courage and skills and to help break free from old habits and routines.

Watch this space!

The Managers’ Guide

I have just been told about a great free resource for managers called TheManagersGuide.

Don’t be put off by the pictures of men and women in suits examining grpahs on flipcharts – there is a lot of very solid practical advice here – and I don’t think they are selling anything!

It also has the benefits of:

  • Being UK based and written – unlike most stuff which is imported from the US
  • Entirely free!
  • Not part of the state machinery designed to sell you apprenticeships, NVQs and other dodgy marks of management competence.