Another take on 121s

Dan McCarthy over at Great Leadership blog has written a piece giving his own take on 121s.

How to Kill a New Idea

“A new idea is delicate.

It can be killed by a sneer or a yawn;

It can be stabbed to death by a joke or

worried to death by a frown

on the wrong person’s brow”

Charles Brower

Time to Tune Up Your Management?

A great post here from Lisa Haneberg to get you started.

Finding Feedback Difficult? Try Feedforward!

Great and very simple exercise from Marshall Goldsmith designed to help you get seriously useful ideas for your professional development.

Name the area in which you wish to improve. – e.g. I want to be a better leader.

Tell someone, almost anyone  ‘I want to be a better leader‘.

Ask them for two ideas for things to do that would help you become a better leader.

After they have offered their suggestions – simply say ‘Thank you‘.  No discussions, no debate, no analysis – just ‘Thank you‘.

This should work brilliantly in 121s as a way of getting information on how you can improve.

Pluck up the courage to try it.  It works.