121s, Covey, and Priority Management

Time and Priority Management Quadrants - Covey

Another reason why 121s are so powerful dawned on me this morning.  And it relates to the Stephen Covey Priority and Time Management Quadrants shown above.

121s almost compel you to focus on quadrant 2 type activities.

Quadrant 1 stuff has to be done almost immediately- it can’t wait for a 121.  And who is going to continually bring quadrant 3 and 4 items into play with their manager?

So the existence of 121s more or less forces attention onto the important but not urgent quadrant which is the one where the greatest value tends to be created.

So pay attention to the content of your 121s and see what you can do to bring the focus onto quadrant 2.

2 Responses

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  2. I think that you have exaggerated a little bit the impact of 121s on Covey Priority Management.
    In my opinion 121s are not about time, they are about communication. They allow to keep manager’s mind close to the reality and sharpen his senses, so he better understands the situation and makes better plans (using Covey or not).
    This works perfectly as long as he is open minded – because it is very easy to him to close himself for informations that do not fit his point of view (there was a couple of publications about this).
    So actually introducing 121s should be immediately followed by listening-and-thinking training.

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