How To Be an Outstanding Manager

This new 2 hour seminar is aimed at Managers, Senior Managers, Leaders and Human Resource Managers from any type of organisation where improving performance matters.

It will show how managers can quickly boost their managerial effectiveness.

The seminar will introduce participants to four practical management processes that are the hallmark of highly effective managers. These four processes will ensure that:

  • Communication and employee engagement is significantly improved
  • A sense of urgency is developed
  • Underperformers are managed effectively
  • High performers are recognised and retained
  • Every team member is coached, every week, to improve performance
  • Every team member is regularly given new tasks and assignments to help them and the business to develop
  • Business strategies, plans and values are put into practice
  • Will understand how mastery of 4 key management practices will unlock the key to being an exceptional manager.

“All of our managers have done NVQs in operational management – but still shied away from managing poor performers. Now they have the tools they need to manage this group effectively”

“That was an inspiring session”

“I would have liked longer”

Fiercely practical management training to make you stand out from the managerial crowd