Halifax Launch for PMN

Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre

The Progressive Managers’ Network will be coming to Halifax in March – based at the fabulous and newly re-developed Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre. The story of Elsie Whiteley is a brilliant rags to riches tale of a local girl who made it BIG TIME in the rag trade.

PMN will be hosted at the Elsie Whiteley Innovation centre by the European Centre for Excellence in Automatic Identification and Data Capture. They have a superb series of displays showing how these technologies will impact on everything from running libraries and hospitals to supermarkets and elections. If you attend a PMN event in Halifax you will be offered a free guided tour of this provocative and stimulating technology.

Dates for PMN in Halifax are:

26th March – Brilliant 121s – FREE

23rd April –  Giving and Getting Great Feedback

21st May – Practical Coaching for Managers

25th June- Effective Delegation

25th June – Managing Your Boss

All events run from 13.30 to 16.30 and cost just £120 plus VAT.

Early booking discounts are available on-line here.

The Power of Praise

Research evidence shows that employees consider personal, immediate recognition by their managers to be one of the most powerful workplace motivators.

However, close to 60% percent of employees report that their manager rarely, if ever, offers praise.

The techniques that have the greatest motivational impact (affirming feedback and praise) are practiced less than more expensive but less effective techniques such as performance bonus schemes.

Charles M. Schwab (1862-1939), founder of the Bethlehem Steel Company, said, “I have yet to find the person, however great or exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than he would ever do under a spirit of criticism.”

You can read more here.