Leaders-Teachers Do Not ‘Transform’ or ‘Motivate’ People!

Instead leaders-mentors-teachers:

  1. Provide a context which is marked by;
  2. Access to a luxuriant portfolio of meaningful opportunities (projects) which;
  3. Allow people to fully (and safely, mostly – caveat: “they” don’t engage unless they’re “mad about something”) express their innate curiosity and;
  4. Engage in a vigorous discovery voyage (alone and in small teams, assisted by an extensive self-constructed network) by which those people;
  5. Go to create places they (and their mentors-leaders-teachers)had never dreamed existed – and then the leaders-mentors-teachers;
  6. Applaud like hell, stage “photo ops” and ring the church bells a 100 times to commemorate the bravery of their ‘followers’ explorations!

This according to Tom Peters.


Just imagine if your leadership were able to provide this kind of context for people to do great work in.

What might it mean for the impact of your team?

What opportunities do you have to DELEGATE!

Who is ‘mad enough’ about the opportunity to really engage?

How can you support them on their journey to create something new?

How well do you celebrate success – and heroic failure?


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