Three Humps and a Stick – the Third Sector and PMN

A great post from Seth Godin looking at pricing that I believe has relevance in the third sector and for social enterprises – and has really helped me to think through what we are doing with the Progressive Managers’ Network. The three humps and a stick refers to four price points that you can offer your product or service at. Reading his original post should help you follow this one!

We offer lots of stuff for free. This blog for example, the podcasts and the online forums. We do as much as we can at no-cost. This helps us to achieve one of our aims which is to provide great management development experiences to progressive managers.

Our workshops are at the ‘low cost’ hump. By selling open programme workshops and supporting learners through websites and podcasts instead of manuals we can cut costs and improve service – better management development for less. This is important for many in our target audience.

But we are also asked to do work at the mid to high price point humps too. Clients who do not want to do their learning in public, or who can’t yet access web based support – and so commission workshops and training events in house – for which they pay a premium.

Before reading Seths post we were just doing this because it ‘felt’ right. It is great to have a rationale now to hang it on.

How big is your stick?

How effective are you at developing your service at each of the three price humps available to you?